Goodbye To Water Wastage

We are thriving to provide the affordable and quality devices for the urban residents to fulfil this simple yet regular and important task automatically without any manual intervention.

We are simultaneously making them smart users (smart home residents of smart cities) and preventing wastage of water due to overflowing water tanks thus impacting the lives of individuals to be more efficient along with helping the ecology and mother earth.

Duino Smart

Smart Portable Water Quality Monitoring & Level Controlling Device is a solar powered water quality monitoring and level controlling system that enable the users to automatically or remotely control the pumps through IOT enabled mobile application (cloud based). The device has been ergonomically designed to include an attractive physical display and user friendly application.

Wireless range of up to 1 km and the smart protection circuit add to the uniqueness of the device.

( Signal range upto 1 km )

( TDS, Turbidity, pH, Temp.)

( Pressure based sensing )

(Sense government supply )

( solar with li-ion battery )

( Cloud data monitoring )

Our Solution

Here is your journey of becoming a smart water consumer. Let FLOTAA help you keep a track of your water usage pattern.

Smart Water Device

FLOTAA is an ISO certified brand and the steps involved in development and designing of the products adhere to the compliances of the standardization. Our decentralized and unbiased customer review system gives us an opportunity to continuously rework and establish ourselves as the customer certified brand (the most effective certificate to reinforce the trust).

ISO 9001 2015 Certification

As per ISO 9001 2015 standards

Customer Certified

More then 500 customer satisfaction

Online Logbook

No more manual data errors

Efficient Dashboard

FLOTAA live is a digital application that allows you to view, track, and analyze your water usage and its quality. Business users can visualise data and make informed operational decisions that contribute to the enterprise’s water goals.

Remote tracking

Water quality & level monitoring

Customised reports

Download & analyse the data

Timely alerts

Timely alert in case of disproportionate water usage

End-To-End Data Protection

Make your business data completely secure with FLOTAA. Our end-to-end security solutions create password-protected and encrypted services that restrict unauthorized access to your information.

Data protection

Two-factor authentication

Encryption services

Safer Data Transfer

Password protected

secured service

Trusted by

Our Products

Use-cases of FLOTAA 

Level Monitoring in Government Tank

For tanks belonging to various organizations (Nagar Nigam, Municipal Corporation, Jal Board, Railways, and Cant Board etc.) FLOTAA offers a wireless level monitoring system that helps connecting pump house to the tank through LORA technology with a range of around 1 Km. The transmitter part is maintenance free and operates on Solar cells and battery.

Smart Remote Irrigation

Smart intranet or GSM based system helps the farmers to remotely access the irrigation pumps in the fields, monitor the quality of water and control the switching on and off of the pump anytime from anywhere without physically present in the field. They may also use the timer option provided in the application dash board for further assistance.

Water Quality Monitoring and Level Controlling in Hospitals

The Quality monitoring systems become quite important in hospitals where it is required to schedule cleaning and maintenance of water systems. FLOTAA controlling and smart monitoring systems gives alert in case any of the quality parameter misses the reference range. 

Ground Water Quality Data for Government

The increased infiltration in ground water has made it crucial for authorities to keep a check on level of impurities present in ground water. The data logged on cloud by FLOTAA’s IOT application installed at various places creates time based and location based pattern of these parameters.

Potable Water Management in Railway Stations, Bus Stands and Airports.

Overhead tanks in these public places can be automatically controlled as well as water’s quality can be easily monitored through our smart app based system ensuring availability of safe water to the public.

Industrial Water Usage Pattern

Almost all industrial applications utilizing water have overhead tanks and keeping a check on water utility becomes a matter of compliance and efficiency. FLOTAA smart device assists in recognizing this pattern.

Automatic Controlling & Monitoring the Community Water Tanks in Apartments

The community overhead water tanks used in apartments need a proper quality monitoring and maintaining the water level. FLOTAA’s SMART wireless device logs the date of when tank was last cleaned and check the provisional cleaning cycle and get rid of the manual logging and also maintains the level of water in the tank.

Preventing Overflow of water at homes

Overflowing water tanks is the common pain point for all home and bungalow owners. Automatic controlling of the water level in the tank by economical variants of FLOTAA MINI and FLOTAA PRO makes it widely accepted solution.

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