Flotaa is a leading developer and supplier of smart water management in systems and solutions based on the technologies like Robotics, IOT and AI.At FLOTAA we are committed to work for preserving and managing the precious resource water using the versatile product basket of smart solutions. brainstormed, conceptualized and designed for the domestic and commercial sectors, all our products are being welcomed by various users in India and across the globe.


Ideated and conceptulized, we relentlessly pursued R&D in adaptability and robustness of various technologies in water management related sensors. The innovative and creative minds working at our R&D have introduced products that help eliminate water wastage and reduce manpower costs. Our journey from our very inception till today, spans over a decade of providing unbridled support to our area of expertise.


The idea of developing and creating an automatic deviice to
resolve the problem of overflowing tank hit us. Soon, we started
doing experiments and conducting local surveys to get the
complete knowledge of the problem and the possible solution.


Hand made prototypes were created and installed at various locations for the purpose of practical testing. The results were noticed and the problems faced at the various locations were compiled. Company got incorporate with the vision of completely recognizing and solving this simple yet still the most common problem of our day to day life. Version 1 of our first product range containing 3 varities were created. and commercial business model was established.


Basic online marketing campaigns were started and the product was installed at various locations including industries, houses, apartments and residential socities. We now had created a well established team working on standard SOP’s and following the protocols for installation and after sales service.


We started penetrating and capturing the retail markets of Kanpur, Lucknow, Jamshedpur and Banglore. Creation of the Research & Development team for further improvement and development of water quality management system which makes us more versatile.


Our FLOTAA is a team of highly skilled individuals from various prominent institutes & Multinational Organizations who bring their specialty from across different fields to develop these products.

Innovative Marketing in Sales approach through FLOTAA CHAMPS and network of dealers.


  • Our mission is to be come the leading brand in appliances and devices related to water quality and level management systems by gaining access to the various market segments.


  • We want to become a leding D to C (Direct to Consumer) and B to B (Businesss to Business) brand that is synonymous with water conservation and management.


  • Flotaa envisions a future that is developed with robust and innovative technology that can manage water resources efficiently.
  • Flotaa aims to adhere to stringent ethical standards, constantly research & develop, as well as use the latest technologies to satisfy the rising water management needs across the globe.


ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

Certificate No. : IN/35224553/9070

UDYAM Registration Certificate

Certi. No. : UDYAM-UP-43-0020535


Certificate No. : DIPP99502