Best 10 Mineral Water Brands In India

by | Oct 23, 2023

Mineral Water Brands

What can be more refreshing than a bottle full of mineral water after intense weight training or cardio? Absolutely nothing, but does it ever cross your mind that the quality of mineral water could vary from one brand to another?

Different mineral water brands have different packaging procedures. Some brands add healthy ingredients to the water, and some market regular water as mineral water.

You must pick the right mineral water brand for your momentary needs or regular consumption.

And that is precisely why we brought you this article, which contains a detailed analysis of India’s best mineral water brands.

Which Mineral Water Is The Best?

Hundreds of brands place their product on the mineral water shelf. Many of these brands offer regular water and market it as mineral water, but some are even better than mineral water.

The right choice of mineral water can keep you hydrated and have other positive health effects, such as increased immunity and stronger bones.

In the world of economies, picking the product with the correct price tag should also be your concern. Many gimmicky products with no benefits but a high price also exist in the market.

Top 10 Mineral Water Brands In India

The Indian mineral water market is snowballing but is also a war zone of billion-dollar conglomerates.

Nearly a quarter of the market is ruled by the Indian beverage manufacturer Parle, which owns the Bisleri brand. PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Tata, etc, also field their products in the market.

Here’s a pictorial representation of the market share of mineral water brands in India:

                                                                                                                                          CC: Statista

Now, let’s jump into the list of the top 10 mineral water brands in India:

1. Bisleri

Bisleri is the market leader in the Indian mineral water bottle industry by a considerable margin. Bisleri has become synonymous with mineral water in the country, such as its brand reputation. People ask the shopkeeper on the platform to give them a ‘Bisleri’, and he provides them with a bottle of packaged mineral water. 

Bisleri Mineral Water has various minerals and other dissolved substances. Minerals increase the therapeutic value of the water; the minerals added are magnesium sulphate, calcium, potassium bicarbonate and iron.

Bisleri was initially an Italian alcoholic drink created in the 19th century by Felice Bisleri. Cesari Rossi and Khushroo Suntook brought Bisleri bottled water to India in 1965. The first Bisleri factory was set up in a suburb of Mumbai. Initially, it was sold only in luxury hotels and restaurants in Mumbai. 

In 1969, the Jayantilal Chauhan family of Parle Group acquired the struggling Bisleri brand, which was looking to exit the Indian market, for ₹4 lakh (about US$50,000 then)

2. Tata Copper +

Tata Copper + is relatively new to the Indian market, but its distribution network has expanded rapidly in the past few years. Its advantage is not only the fact that the most prominent Indian conglomerate owns it but also its ingredients and taste.

Tata Copper + has a suitable amount of Copper in it, which gives it a great and refreshing taste. Apart from the taste, copper water has enormous health benefits and has been prevalent in the Indian culture for over 5,000 years.

Copper water plays a massive role in improving the health of your skin. It promotes the formation of melanin, the pigment that gives colour to your skin, hair, and eyes. It also stops hair from greying; because of its cell-producing characteristics, copper aids skin regeneration.

Personally, I love Tata Copper + so much that I buy some bottles every week despite having an RO purifier installed at home.

3. Kinley

Kinley occupies the second spot in the Indian mineral water market. Backed by the world’s largest beverage manufacturer, Kinley has a robust supply chain and distribution network.

Kinley’s packaged drinking water entered the Indian market in 2000. Kinley promises clean and safe drinking water to its customers. Kinley Water goes through a rigorous 10-step verification process.

Kinley water is simple mineral water. It is treated comprehensively, and then sodium and magnesium salts are added to it. The manufacturing process is foolproof as it is produced in The Coca-Cola Company’s premises.

You can depend on Kinley whenever you are travelling or not at home. It is not as good as Tata Copper + but is suitable enough to keep you hydrated.

4. Aquafina

Aquafina is another ultra-popular mineral water brand in India. It is owned by the beverage giant PepsiCo, which provides seamless distribution and a vast supply chain like Kinley.

Pepsico’s  ‘Aquafina’ product was launched in India as early as 1999, and it is a unique word coined and exclusively used by them. It was second to Bisleri in the Indian mineral water market until Kinley replaced it.

Aquafina is also simple mineral water. The manufacturing process takes place in the facilities of Varun Beverages, which is the sole manufacturer of PepsiCo products in India.

Aquafina is purified water that comes from public water sources. It’s purified through a seven-step process called HydRO-7. Aquafina doesn’t add anything to its water. The purification removes a trace amount of dissolved solids or ions, including fluoride. 

5. Yes

Yes mineral water is also a new name in the Indian mineral water industry, but it has seen rapid growth. A business house in the industrial capital of the largest Indian state of Uttar Pradesh manufactures it.

The quality of Yes mineral water is optimum, and its purification process is 100% safe. The multi-million dollar business house Pan Parag India LTD owns Yes Mineral Water. 

The Pan Parag Group expanded its business by launching Zarda, Coconut Oil, Budget Detergent products, and “Yes” Mineral Water. The Group also ventured into Real Estate Development, International Trade, Manufacturing of Precision equipment, spare parts for Aviation, Oil Exploration and wind Energy Sectors, etc.

Yes, mineral water is just mineral water and contains no other unique ingredients. Nonetheless, Yes mineral water is a safe and pure option to hydrate yourself anywhere and anytime.

6. Bailey

Parle Agro’s mineral water label Bailey was introduced in the Indian market in 1993. It is one of the top-rated brands in India after Bisleri. In addition, for many, Bailey symbolises purity in water. Some offices only use drinking water from Bailey. 

Around 52 different manufacturing facilities for this product are spread all over the country. It provides packaging and delivery of pure water to the community under the name of Bailey.

Bailey’s primary edge is its competitive price in India’s packaged mineral water market. It offers a daily refill of 5 litres, 10 litres, and 25 litres, depending on the requirement, at a much better price point.

Furthermore, regarding stats, Bailey produces 1 Lakh litres of pure water daily. It has a total market share of roughly 3%. It might look small, but considering the population and its popular delivery chain all over India, Bailey is doing great as a water bottle company.

7. Kingfisher Mineral Water

Most of the people in India are well aware of the brand Kingfisher. It is the most popular liquor brand in the country; its past business leader has been covered in controversies.

The water that Kingfisher manufactures is also prevalent and trusted in India. Rajesh Kadam is the business owner of the Kingfisher-packed drinking water company. 

Utkarsh Enterprises is one of the country’s largest Kingfisher premium packaged mineral water and soda stockists. 

Kingfisher water is simple mineral water. It is treated comprehensively, and the addition of minerals follows. Kingfisher’s water quality can be trusted as the product has been in the market for a long time.

You can find Kingfisher mineral water dealers, retailers, stores, and distributors nationwide.

8. Rail Neer

Rail Neer is the only mineral water brand in Indian railway stations and trains. The Indian government monopolises FMCG products sold in the railway network, providing an undue advantage to Rail Neer. 

Rail Neer is processed, purified, and bottled in state-of-the-art plants. The plants are completely automatic and do not handle the product water manually at any stage. 

Rail Neer is available at ₹15 per litre, which is less than the market price even when it is the only option for suburban train commuters. 

The IRCTC operates 10 Rail Neer plants, which produce 45% to 50% of the demand for packaged drinking water over Indian Railways. The IRCTC is setting up more Rail Neer plants nationwide to meet growing demand.

It is entirely safe to drink Rail Neer, but be sure to check the seal properly as black marketers re-seal used bottles and try to sell them in the railway network.

9. Patanjali Divya Jal

Patanjali Divya Jal is a fast-growing mineral water brand in the country. It has the advantage of Pantajali’s extensive supply chain and distribution. Yet, it is not commonly available in the market.

Patanjali is one of the fastest-growing FMCG brands in India. The prominence of Patanjali’s founder, Baba Ramdev, in Yoga, has made Patanjali synonymous with a healthy brand.

Patanjali Divya Jal sources its water from natural springs. The water is then subjected to a rigorous purification process to ensure purity and safety. 

Patanjali stands out among other mineral water companies due to its unique approach and brand positioning for using ancient Ayurvedic practices to promote healthy living.

Patanjali Divya Jal is a safe and healthy option to consume regularly.

10. Himalayan Mineral Water

Himalayan was introduced to the Indian market in 1997. It is the most popular premium water brand in India. Backed by the Tata Group, its supply chain and distribution knows no limits.

Himalayan mineral water brand name itself provides a pure and heavenly tune to the product. However, Himalayan has gained popularity for being among the top bottled water brands. Consequently, their water is like drops of purity packaged in plastic bottles.

Most premium lounges and movie halls in the country serve only Himalayan when it comes to water.

Himalayan is optimum for you to drink regularly, but its premium price makes it economically unviable for most people.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Which mineral water is best?

Tata Copper + is the best mineral water available in the Indian market by a considerable margin.

Tata Copper + has a suitable amount of Copper in it, which gives it a great and refreshing taste.

Copper water plays a massive role in improving the health of your skin. It promotes the formation of melanin, the pigment that gives colour to your skin, hair, and eyes. It also stops hair from greying; because of its cell-producing characteristics, copper aids skin regeneration.

2. Which water is best Kinley or Bisleri?

Bisleri is the most trusted mineral water brand in India.

Qualitatively, Bisleri and Kinley are broadly the same, but the vast market value of Bisleri gives it the upper hand.

3. Which brand is best for drinking water?

Best brands for drinking water in India are

  1. Tata Copper +
  2. Bisleri
  3. Aquafina
  4. Kinley
  5. Himalayan
  6. Yes
  7. Kingfisher
  8. Bailey
  9. Patanjali

4. What are the Tata mineral water brands?

Tata’s mineral water brands are Himalayan and Tata Copper +

Both these brands are quality-wise much better than their competitors in the market.

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