5 Best Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

by | Nov 17, 2023

Eco Friendly Water Bottles

Drinking water is a basic necessity, but not using plastic bottles.

A typical one-liter plastic bottle uses about two liters of water during production. It takes about 5.3 liters of water to produce a typical 500ml single-use water bottle.

Using an eco-friendly bottle is the easiest way to contribute to the environment. Not using one single-use plastic bottle could make a change that lasts millions of years required for plastic decomposition.

This article will list some of the best eco-friendly water bottles for you to contribute to the planet. Some of these brands manufacture eco-friendly water bottles and contribute to the environment in different ways.

Here is a list of the best eco-friendly water bottle brands available in India:

1. Brown Living

Brown Living aims to popularize sustainability by implementing practical solutions. They have grown over time by understanding the importance of being good for the Earth. Their motto aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Reusable copper bottles marketed by Brown Living help the environment. They also provide the goodness of copper to the consumer. Brown Living provides plastic-free deliveries across India. It has saved nearly 2.5 Lakh kilograms of plastic.

Brown Living - Water Bottle

The company actively supports six SDGs, which include:

  1. Responsible Production (SDG 12)
  2. Climate Action (SDG 13)
  3. Life Below Water (SDG 14)
  4. Life On Land (SDG 15)
  5. Partnerships for the Goals (SDG 17)
  6. Decent Work & Economic Growth (SDG 8) 

Additionally, they participate in community initiatives to help achieve Life Below Water (SDG 14) and Life On Land (SDG 15).

Brown Living’s approach is based on the comprehensive Economic and sustainable Growth philosophy. It tackles sustainability issues beyond just the environment.

2. Swadeshi Blessings

Swadeshi Blessings vows to change the lives of thousands of local craftspeople & artisans. It intends to create a global marketplace for them.

Swadeshi Blessings provides an exquisite range of traditional Indian earthen tableware. Their products create a captivating dining experience for your guests. Skilled artisans from Rajasthan, India, handcraft these artisanal pieces. Each item is stone-polished to achieve a pristine mirror finish, replicating the natural firing effect.

Swadeshi Blessings - Water Bottle

Swadeshi Blessings follow traditional pottery techniques. The bottles and other products are crafted on a potter’s wheel and fired at 1200°C using wood and hay. This process ensures authenticity and durability. With great pricing and free shipping on orders over ₹500, these 100% organic and eco-friendly tableware items stand out. 

They are not painted with harmful chemicals, making them sustainable and long-lasting. These products are also perfect for gifting.

Every purchase you make through Swadeshi Blessings contributes to the development and promotion of the rich heritage of our country.

3. Kagzi Bottles

Kagzi Bottles was established in 2016. It operates as a company dedicated to sustainable packaging solutions. They are on a mission to offer eco-friendly packaging alternatives for businesses. 

Kagzi Bottles - Water Bottle

These numbers and the toll single-use plastic bottles have on our planet drove our founder, Samiksha Ganeriwal, to find an innovative solution. She was acutely aware that she was choking the planet even more every time she bought something in single-use plastic containers. 

The market needed an eco-friendly alternative. This motivated Samiksha to create a recyclable alternative solution that is eco-friendly and reduces plastic. 

The team at Kagzi Bottles has created bottles made from recycled materials. These bottles are ideal for packaging toiletries such as liquid soap, shampoo, lotions, and oils.

Their advanced technology ensures that these bottles are:

  1. Easily shaped
  2. Recyclable
  3. Eco-Friendly
  4. Cost-Effective

Kagzi is committed to developing innovative, eco-friendly packaging solutions for a better future. The founder’s mission is to create a healthier planet for future generations. Kagzi is based in NCR, India, with a branch in Hyderabad, India.

4. Amala Earth

Amala Earth is a marketplace for eco-friendly products from local industries in rural India. They want to be a brand that others can trust and rely on. They follow excellent and fairways of doing things, which makes their mission even more real. 

Amala Earth is all about living consciously, and it comes from India. It brings together different brands, products, experts, and people who want to create a world where all living beings can live together peacefully.

The copper bottles offered by Amala Earth in their jute packaging are an excellent option. Their product is not only eco-friendly but also very classy and high quality.

Amala Earth - Water Bottle

They want this to be a significant movement that changes how people buy things, making them choose sustainable options. Amala Earth also helps and promotes local farmers and artisans who make handcrafted products. 

By supporting these local and sustainable practices, you can help the community and the environment stay healthy.

5. Mitticool

Mitticool offers a vast range of earthen tableware, including many types of earthen and eco-friendly water bottles.

Mitticool as a brand stands for reviving these lost but rich Indian cultural roots in the present day. It is the Mitticool initiative that seeks to preserve our age-old culture. Their products are clay and clay pots, which naturally promote healthy living and preserve our valuable culture.

Mitticool - Water Bottle

Mitticool water bottles are available in designs and sizes. They are competitively priced and offer a flat shipping rate of ₹100.

Some houses now have uncommon earthen pots for their natural advantages: scarce antiques. Earthenware has tremendous health benefits. It provides nutritional benefits when used for cooking, imparting this value to whatever has been cooked. 

The porous nature of clay allows water to pass through it, enabling one to enjoy calm and mild weather at all times. Besides, minerals and the porous nature of clay pots and other cloths enhance the natural taste of foods in our consumption.

Summing Up

Every plastic bottle we have ever used is still somewhere on this planet. Our moral duty is to respect the environment that provides for human civilization. Every small step that you take could make a big difference.

Using eco-friendly water bottles is the least we can do, and now that you know where to get them, go ahead and play your part to make the world a better place.

Bhuwan Bhatia

Bhuwan Bhatia

Bhuwan Bhatia, an engineering graduate with a diverse background, has been passionate about entrepreneurship since age 13. Founder of edtech startup Technoshaala, Bhuwan now focuses on leading his innovative water management startup, FLOTAA, in Kanpur to create sustainable solutions.
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