10 Best Water Tanks for House In India

by | Oct 25, 2023

Best Water Tanks In House In India .

A reliable water supply is a must for every house to prosper. Can you imagine a day without water? You may survive without water for a day, but it is one of the most painful ways to die.

Homeowners must place a water tank in their homes as the municipal water supply can be erratic. Once you have decided to buy a water tank, you must choose the best one for your home.

You must consider various factors before deciding on the best water tank for your home. The main factor in this is your water tank purpose.

Purpose of the Water Tank

The purpose of the water tank is the main factor in determining its type. The type of residential area where the tank will be placed requires different materials, capacities, colours, etc. The best water tank differs from the one with the highest quality; it is the one that satisfies your purpose.

Based on the purpose of the water tank, you should consider these factors while selecting the best water tank for your home:

  1. Material
  2. Colour
  3. Capacity
  4. Shape
  5. Pricing

10 Best Water Tanks In India

There are hundreds of water tank brands in India to choose from. Here’s a list of the most reputed water tank manufacturing companies that provide the best water tank for home:

1. Sintex Water Tank

Sintex is often regarded as the best water tank company in India. It commands a market share of 50% in the organised Indian water tank market. Sintex offers the best plastic water tank on the market. It is the best water tank company in India.

Sintex products are exceptionally high quality, competitively priced, and durable. The significant advantage of choosing Sintex is that the company offers innovative products at a low price. 

Founded in 1932, Sintex is the world’s largest producer of plastic water tanks. Sintex started manufacturing water tanks after 1975. It was acquired by Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) in 2023.

Although the company has an extensive customer service network, many people have reported negligence at the service end of Sintex. Sintex offers only a 5-year warranty on its products. We recommend buying a Sintex water tank from a reliable dealer rather than from unknown sources.

2. Vectus Water Tank

Vectus water tanks occupy the second spot in the Indian water tank industry, with a market share of 16%. With a presence across India and a footprint of over 3 decades, Vectus Industries Limited is one of the leading plastic water tank manufacturers.

Vectus offers a range of water tanks, from Overhead Water Tanks to loft tanks. Vectus water tanks are strong, durable, anti-bacterial with UV protection technology and leakproof. Almost all Vectus products come with up to 10 years warranty.

Since its founding in 2004, Vectus has risen to nationwide prominence regarding plastic water tanks and PVC pipes. Vectus has a wide presence in all major cities of India. Vectus provides the best water tank in India.

Vectus provides excellent customer service on every single one of its products. Regardless of the purchase marketplace, Vectus provides end-to-end customer support and fulfils the warranty promises.

3. Plasto Water Tank

Plasto is another big player in the Indian water tank industry. Strategically located in Nagpur, it boasts a cross-country presence which includes 22 states.

Plasto offers various products, including blow moulded tanks, roto moulded tanks, tank filters & lids, etc. All Plasto water tanks come with a warranty period of 10 years.

Founded in 1986, R C Plasto Tanks & Pipes Pvt. Ltd. aimed to provide safe drinking water through high-quality water storage solutions. Today, Plasto is one of the leading companies in the water storage and plumbing industry. It has a turnover of Rs 100-700 crore and a network spanning 10,000 dealers and sub-dealers across India.

Plasto employees work 24/7, 365 days a year, to service its customers and dealers. Most users say that Plasto’s customer service is outstanding and that they are impressed by the quick response. 

Here’s a verified review from JustDial:

4. Supreme Water Tank

Supreme is a giant name in the Indian plastics industry. It provides a wide variety of water storage solutions with unparalleled quality. Supreme provides one of the best quality water tanks available in the market.

Supreme Siltanks are made from virgin raw material, offering 500 to 1500 litre capacities. Siltank overhead tanks come in up to five-layered designs and different colours. Supreme offers the best water storage tank in India under the brand WeatherShield. Supreme also provides the best overhead water tank.

Founded in 1942, Supreme has been in plastic manufacturing for over 80 years. It is the largest plastics processor in the nation, handling volumes of over 5,00,000 metric tonnes of polymers annually. 

Supreme provides a warranty of up to 10 years on its water tanks. According to JustDial, Supreme provides excellent customer support, expert maintenance, technical updates, and seamless spare part supplies.

5. Ashirvad Water Tank

Ashirvad is another reputed water tank manufacturer on our list. Ashirvad offers a complete water storage solution that is high in quality and uses cutting-edge technology. Ashirvad’s high-tech solutions give it an edge over other players in the market.

Ashirvad Water tanks are constructed from triple / four-layer polymer that protects the tank body from UV rays and ensures a longer life for your storage tank. Its Nano Silver Technology provides anti-bacterial protection to the water tank’s inner layer.

Ashirvad Pipes has produced quality products in the Indian water management industry since 1998. It complies with all international standards set for manufacturing products for potable water supply through innovative solutions and intelligent technologies that ensure sustainability and convenience.

Ashirvad provides a warranty of up to 10 years on its water tanks. Ashirvad Water Tanks has excellent customer support. You can contact Ashirvad customer care by 

calling the toll-free number at 1800 572 8900 from 10 AM to 6 PM

6. Penguin Water Tank

Based in the industrial city of Durgapur, Penguin is another big player in the Indian water tank industry. Penguin is a polymer-based manufacturing house which produces a wide range of plastic containers and other custom moulding articles.

Penguin offers many multi-layer, foam, and loft tanks in different colours and sizes. It also provides hind tanks with up to four foam layer options. Besides polymer moulding, Penguin is associated with Polymer Compounding, Textiles & Graphics.

The first manufacturing unit of Penguin was established in 2004 at Amreli, Gujarat; three more units followed this in different regions of India.

Penguin water tanks come with a 12-year warranty period. According to reviews at JustDial, the staff at Penguin Water Care are courteous and prompt at assisting. They also say that Penguin Water Care can advise on methods to maintain tank water. 

7. Kaveri Water Tank

Kaveri Plasto Container Private Limited is a top-rated water tank manufacturer. It is renowned for its outstanding range of water storage tanks for home and commercial applications.

Kaveri tanks are superior to other standard tanks today in weight and strength. Kaveri products command colossal popularity and appreciation in the Indian and worldwide markets due to their high-quality goods and services at competitive prices.

Kaveri Tanks was established in 2011 and rose to prominence due to its vast capacity to manufacture and export various products. These included water storage tanks, water storage drums, and loft tanks. 

Kaveri Tanks has excellent customer service. They respond within one to two hours and provide regular updates and speedy resolution to issues. Ensure that Kaveri has a good presence in your locality; otherwise, support can be poor. Kaveri offers only a 5-year warranty on most of its tanks.

8. Aquatech Water Tank

Aquatech Tanks is one of the leading plastic water tank manufacturers in India. Aquatech Tanks manufactures the best quality water tank of 100% virgin material. Based in Kochi, Aquatch Tanks is a dominant player in the southern states.

Aquatech offers a wide range of high-quality products, which include:

  1. Overhead Water Tank 
  2. Horizontal Water Tanks 
  3. Loft Tanks 
  4. Sump Tanks 
  5. Overhead Water Tank (2 Layer)

Carris Pipes & Tubes Pvt. Ltd. Started its first unit in Cochin, Kerala, with the launch of AQUATECH. Since then, the company has expanded rapidly and now covers the entire south Indian region.

Aquatech provides end-to-end customer service of a very high quality. The only catch here is that it provides only a 1-year product warranty. The customer service quality also deteriorates as you move towards the north.

9. Ocean Water Tank

Ocean Polymer Technology provides quality polymer products made of 100% virgin materials. It was established to provide end-to-end water storage solutions. The company continues to push the bar of excellence with diverse state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

Ocean Water Tanks come in various sizes that start from 300 litres to 20,000 litres, covering almost any consumer need. 

As a more significant venture, the company also produces RPVC, UPVC, CPVC pipes, H.D.P.E hoses, industrial products such as chemical storage tanks, industrial boxes, containers, and sustainable products such as septic tanks and biogas plants.

Ocean Polymer Technologies is the largest plastic moulding company in Southern India, with state-of-the-art injection moulding, Roto-moulding and Extrusion-moulding facilities.

Ocean water tanks come with a 10-year warranty. The company offers excellent customer support, on-time delivery, and warranty services. 

10. Storewell Water Tank

Since its inception in 1987, Storewel has seen exponential growth. It specialises in the creation of practical and highly durable plastic products. Storewel’s expertise extends beyond fundamental water tanks to material and waste management containers, agricultural assortments, and more.

Storewel’s tanks are characterised by their high quality, hygiene, and competitive price. Furthermore, the company offers customer support that maintains client satisfaction and engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which colour water tank is best?

Ans. Black and green coloured water tanks are the best for the home as they prevent ultraviolet rays and the growth of harmful bacteria.

Q2. Which brand of water tank is best in India?

Ans. The best water tank brands in India are:
1. Sintex
2. Vectus
3. Plasto
4. Supreme 
5. Ashirvad
6. Penguin
7. Kaveri 
8. Aquatech
9. Ocean 
10. Storewell

Q3. Which water tank is best Sintex or Plasto?

Ans. Sintex is India’s most popular water tank brand, but Plasto offers better customer service and warranty.

Q4. Which water tank is strong?

Ans. Concrete and ferro-cement water tanks are the strongest, but plastic water tanks are sufficient for homes.

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