Best Water Treatment Plant Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

by | Dec 25, 2023

Best Water Treatment-Plant Manufacturers Suppliers in India

The need for water treatment plants is significant in India because of its larger population. According to a global water quality rating, India is 120th out of 122 states worldwide. 

India’s surface runoff and groundwater reload add up to 1890 sq/km per annum. A big deal concerning the water crisis in India is how much one will pay for drinking water compared to 2010.

Water management agencies were challenged by urbanization and the growing population. This is a severe problem that affects institutions. Clean water is becoming an increasingly sought-after commodity. 

Various industrial and agricultural practices are drawing down natural waters and leaving the population dependent upon underground water, which is unhealthy today. The problem is also aggravated by waste management that is not appropriate and agricultural runoff. 

Another major contributor to pollution is pollution coming from industrial output. India has developed several water treatment centers throughout the country. These centers are envisaged to deal with these issues and ensure that Indians have adequate purified and protected water, which can be used in many ways.

Water treatment plants treat water drawn from rivers, lakes or groundwater. Physical, chemical and biological processes are employed in water treatment plants to eliminate impurities. Some impurities are suspended sediments, bacteria, and chemical contaminants from raw water. 

Some fundamental processes used in water treatment plants include:

  1. Coagulation
  2. Flocculation
  3. Sedimentation
  4. Filtration
  5. Disinfection
  6. pH adjustment

The Indian government has also improved its water supply and sanitation infrastructure. A flagship program is the National Rural Drinking Water Programme.  Another program that raises eyebrows is the National Urban Sanitation Policy. 

These unique programs target the sanitation problem in India. Such policies would significantly benefit water treatment or treatment facilities and water management.

In India, the government provides water that can be used for domestic purposes but not for drinking. Various other applications of government-treated water include:

  1. Industries
  2. Farming
  3. ​irrigation.

It also underpins the fundamental pillar of the economy – i.e., it supports agriculture.

India has come a long way with installing water treatment plants, but we still face many difficulties. There is a clean and safe water supply shortage because of a lack of sanitation amenities and waterborne diseases. 

Alongside managing water resources, there has been a continuing problem with treating sewage and running the treatment plants. The Indian government seems interested in investing in modern water supply and sanitation facilities. This will lead to better service delivery. 

Most Popular Water Treatment Plant Manufacturers and suppliers in India

Below is a list of India’s best Water Treatment Plant manufacturers and suppliers. The list is based on design, production, and supply chain factors.

1. Thermax Limited-

Unsurprisingly, Thermax Limited commands the largest market share in water treatment in India. The main factors that ensure Thermax’s tight grip on the market are the efficiency and reliability of its product. 

Thermax has a sound system and reliable logistics, which can be used to offer solutions in line with the needs and wants of customers. Additionally, it is the largest retailer of water treatment equipment and an honest supplier and manufacturer. These are capable of solving and addressing water issues at a cheaper cost.

2. Kirloskar Brothers Limited-

Kirloskar Brothers Limited is one of the best water treatment plant manufacturing companies. The company is old in making water processing equipment, where it deals with many lines of equipment targeting different clients with different customers’ needs. 

Kirloskar’s good standing comes from rapid order delivery, available resources, and quick installations. They have a team of experienced staff who try to surpass customers’ expectations and demands.

 3. Larsen & Toubro Limited (L&T)-

L&T is a widely known conglomerate that deals in Water Treatment Plants in India. It is a company with over 50,000 clients with satisfied credentials on board. The staff’s reviews and training are top-notch. 

Although new to this particular industry, L&T is becoming one of the top names in the Indian water treatment plant industry.

4. Voltas Limited-

Voltas provides the trust and the brand value of the largest Indian conglomerate. The company focuses on addressing necessities within developing countries. These needs are improved through applications, products, and solutions. 

Voltas has created a reputation within the market and is becoming known among other water treatment plant distributors in India.

5. SPML Infra Limited-

SPML Infra Limited ranks among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Water Treatment Plants with more than four decades of experience in managing water. They don’t just produce and deliver but also install and repair plants promptly. 

The high-quality services that SPML Infra provides to its customers differentiate it from the industry.

6. Wipro Water- Wipro Water-

Wipro Water provides holistic solutions to different types of users in the water treatment industry. Everything from raw water treatment through wastewater recycling and re-use, including Zero Liquid Discharge, falls within this scope. 

Wipro also provides customizations and other services at costs that are relatively lower compared to other companies within this segment of the market.

7. Suez Water Technologies & Solutions-

Suez Water Technologies and Solutions is an international company. Their product line on water treatment plants is unmatched. It has a presence in more than 70 nations. 

Commitment to quality ensures that the projects are completed on time, which has made this company an established brand in the Indian market.

8. Aquatech Systems Asia Pvt. Ltd.-

Aquatech Systems always provides dependable service at the lowest price possible. This is achieved through the integration of:

  • Technology
  • Knowledge
  • Finance

The company’s target audience is industries and businesses. Their products are designed to enhance and ensure optimum production. It is amongst the top Water Treatment plant suppliers in India today.

9. Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd.-

Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd. is known for providing highly-priced Water Treatment Plants in India. High-quality raw materials and expert engineers and designers ensure client satisfaction. In addition, the organization is always ready to come up with new products as a result of opinions offered by customers.

10. VA Tech Wabag Ltd.-

Using one hundred years of experience, VA Tech Wabag Ltd provides a comprehensive solution for water treatment projects in India, Switzerland, and Austria. The company executed more than 6000 projects worldwide in a time-bound manner. 

This company is a professionally managed Indian MNC. It is famous due to being the number 1 company in its segment. Their services are offered at a meager cost.

11. Ion Exchange (India) Ltd.-

Ion Exchange India Ltd is now one of the industry’s most reliable manufacturers and suppliers. Ion Exchange water treatment plants that are widely available and cost-effective. On a strict note, quality compromise is wholly avoided. Water treatment plants are monitored by expert professionals with vast experience in their respective units. Ion Exchange water treatment plants stand out with a rapid delivery system and regularly trained employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which are the biggest wastewater treatment company?

Here are the top 10 water and wastewater treatment companies

1. Thermax Limited
2. Kirloskar Brothers Limited
3. Larsen & Toubro Limited (L&T)
4. Voltas Limited
5. SPML Infra Limited
6. Wipro Water- Wipro Water
7. Suez Water Technologies & Solutions
8. Aquatech Systems Asia Pvt. Ltd.
9. Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd.
10. VA Tech Wabag Ltd.

2. What is the cost of 1 mld water treatment plant in India?

The cost of setting up 1 MLD sewage treatment plant in India also depends on plant size, capacity, and technology. Such properties are typically priced between four lakhs and eighty lakhs.

3. How much does it cost to build a sewage treatment plant in India?

The average price ranges for sewage treatment plants change depending on the size of the plant, capacity and the technology in use. The sewing’s cost ranges between 40,00,00 and 80,00,000 lakh, maybe crores of rupees for sewing between 2 KLD and 1 MLD. Such estimates, however, may be significantly different, varying according to the needs and technology applied in a treatment plant.

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