Market for our Product

There is a vast market size for the product that is yet to be captured. Just to give the glimpse: All the buildings and residential/ commercial complexes that depend upon overhead water tank for water supplies. We@ Team Fluto find it a matter of immense importance that we are actually working for a device that has been designed to serve the purpose of energy saving , water saving as well as touching the human life by making it convenient and taking the technology to their door step.

How we pitch?
There are many ways we market our product to create awareness among the public by creating and organising local level events, creating social media presence as well as using some other traditional ways of marketing. The most welcoming method that we have found to be working for us is by giving the door to door demonstrations and making it to reach to the experience level of the customer. We have found a tremendous conversion rate when the product has been installed as a demo.
What is our USP?
It is not like this that there are no competitors in the field. But still if you look around, the product and its kinds have not yet been able to capture even a miniature share of the market. The thing is there are varieties of the panels that are installed at homes for the motor pumps and each has something or the other different in it. Our team has worked upon the technical aspects of it and have come up with the ready to serve solution for it. Moreover there are bugs related to the operation that we have Resolved as the part of our research.
What about warranty and service?
We offer installation service as well as 1 year onsite( at the customers’ location) warranty service to the client and and there is an AMC scheme for years after the warranty period is over. There is an option to switch the device from auto mode to manual mode in case there is any issue so that pump can be installed manually and the tank remains recharged till the time the person is available to provide the service.

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