How to Save Water In 2023 (Simple & Effective Ways)

by | Oct 16, 2023

How to save water 2023

We now live in a time when we no longer need to save water just for our future generations but for our generation itself! 

Rising population and depleting freshwater resources have converted “HOW TO SAVE WATER” into a million-dollar question!

Urgent action by us today is essential if we want to save water for the future. Not even a distant future, but just a decade over.

Let’s discuss how we can save water and money at the same time.

How to Save Water at Home

Since charity begins at home, we must also begin saving water at our homes. On average, we (all Indians in total) waste about 30% of water every day! It translates to wastage in trillions.

Here are some ways to save water at home:

1. Prevent Overflow in the Overhead Water Tank

Water spillage due to overflow in the overhead water tank is a significant issue in India. People often forget to switch off the motor at their homes, leading to wastage.

This type of wastage can be easily avoided by using smart devices by Flotaa. Flotaa detects the water level and cuts off motor power automatically.

2. Use RO Ousted Water for Non-Consumption Purposes

The massive amount of water that our home water purifiers reject can be used for many purposes like mopping, car washing or for plants.

The RO-rejected water is very beneficial for plants and can enhance their life.

3. Spread Awareness Among Your Family

Encourage your family to join you in your quest to save water at home. The world doesn’t change with one good person, but can easily be done with one good community.

“A household where water is waste resides is a household in which God does not reside.”

How to Save on Water Bill

Saving water is not a crazy environmentalist’s dream. It is an imperative aspect of an economically healthy society. The less money you pay on water bills, the more you save!

Here are some ways to save on your home water bill with ease:

1. Install an Efficient Water System

Old or poor-quality water systems can increase your water bills more than you think. Leaky pipes can waste 3000 gallons of water at the rate of just one drip per second!

You can save a lot of money by investing in your household water system and reap the benefits later. Flotaa provides water management solutions to help you evade water tax!

2. Use Water Meters

Water meters help you effectively track the usage of water in your home. This doesn’t only give you a watery heads up but also makes you conscious about saving water.

Water meters are not just measuring instruments but psychological instruments as well.

3. Re-use and Ration

All the water that can be reused should be reused! We just discussed the reuse of RO-ousted water, but several other examples like this exist.

We never ask you to take impractical steps like not cleaning your house for a day or two because we are not GRETA THUNBERG. We just ask you to use it carefully and concisely.

Utility water can be easily rationed if a person just consciously uses it!

How to Save Water When Taking A Bath

All of us love to sing songs while showering, but this hobby itself results in criminal wastage of water.

We need to learn that bathing properly does not need wasting water.

Here’s how you clean your body without cleaning out the water supply:

1. Use Water-saving Shower Heads

Water-saving shower heads can be a simple and efficient way to save water while showering. Good shower heads can save up to 100% water every minute!

Just a set of cheap and efficient shower kits can not only save water but also save money from flowing out of your pocket.

2. Take Short Showers

Prolonged and constant showers can cause hundreds of litres of water to go down the drain in a matter of minutes. This can be a significant load on your water supply.

The duration of the shower should be limited to washing off the soap and rinsing your body. You can use efficient water management systems like Flotaa to track your shower usage.

3. Use Tubs or Buckets

Showers are often a water-exhaustive way of taking a bath. They result in excess drainage of water without optimal usage.

A half-filled tub or a bucket of water could provide you with the same refreshing and clean experience that the water-intensive shower provides.

4. Install Water Softeners

Hard water negates the cleansing effect of soaps. This results in excessive usage of water for utilities.

If installed at a community level, water softeners can be really cost-effective and save litres and litres of water, slashing the water bill.

How to Save Rainwater

We love it when it rains. Many people also fall in love when it rains. But have you thought about how much water you can save when it rains?

Here’s how you can turn the season of love back into the season of water:

1. Rainwater Harvesting System

We all learn about rainwater harvesting in middle school but never implement it in our lives after that.

A proper rainwater harvesting system consisting of an entrapment area, flow pipes, a storage tank and a recharge pit can save you half of your water bill.

2. Maximum Drainage to the Ground

Many times, rainwater seeps into firm places from where it cannot get to the ground.

It not only negates its addition to the groundwater but also makes it a breeding ground for disease-causing mosquitoes.

Efficient drainage systems on the roofs of houses and buildings can easily prevent rainwater from becoming a disease-causing waste.

3. Reducing Chemical Pollution

The rainwater can be of no use if it has dissolved toxic chemicals in it. Acid rains pose a threat not just to rainwater but to water as a whole.

Dissolved oxides of sulphur and nitrogen cause acid rain that pollutes groundwater upon seeping in. Thus hampering the entire water system and laying waste gallons of freshwater.

4. Reduce Concretization

Concretization prevents rainwater from seeping into the ground and adding to the ground water level.

Try to use minimal concrete flooring in your backyard and house garden to save water with minimal effort. It will not only save water but also save you from excess construction costs.

How to Save Water in Daily Lives

The practical question that comes to mind is how to save water every day without changing water infrastructure.

Here are some simple ways to save water in daily lives:

1. Turn Off the TAP

With about 30% of India’s tap water waste, you could start saving water by closing the tap when not in use. Uselessly keeping the tap on results in the most heinous wastage of fresh water.

You do not have to do anything much to achieve results. Just close the tap while shaving, brushing, soaping, etc. and your Flotaa-powered water system will reflect the results.

2. Avoid Flushing Garbage 

Flushing garbage like cigarettes, plastic, etc., in your toilet needs up to 10 litres of water to drain it effectively. This waste is totally avoidable.

If you want to keep your family from seeing your adulterous habits, why punish water for it when garbage ducts are an option? Moreover, just leave these habits? 

3. Avoid Using Water for Cleaning

We all use water for mopping floors and soak-cleaning shelves, but these tasks can be done more efficiently using other means.

Using cleaning fluids and vacuum cleaners sanitizes our home much more efficiently than pouring litres of water over it. But we in no way suggest you shift to these methods if they are not economical.

How to Save Water as a Student

A student is strapped for cash and certainly not the decision-maker in their home to direct effective methods for saving water.

Here are some subtle ways in which a student can effectively save water:

1. Spread the Word

Students are a part of a community that consists of thousands of people. Educational institutions are the breeding ground for the resolution of social issues such as saving water.

An enlightened community of young people will start with making change on a personal level and take it to the entire generation with them.

2. Innovate 

A student has the resource of time on their side. This buffer time can produce life-changing results if utilized productively.

Innovative systems like Flotaa make a substantial positive dent in the campaign to save water. More such innovations are the absolute need of the hour!

3. Startup

If your water-saving innovation can save people’s money or solve any other problem, you can not just save water but also make money out of it.

Flotaa is a prime example of how a profitable startup that employs multiple people can be built out of a product intending to save water.

4. Convince

Students can’t spend, but they can surely convince. Young students are the tech CEOs of their households. Making a compelling case can surely convince your family to save water!

Just demonstrate to your family the effectiveness of water-saving methods or devices like Flotaa, and you are good to go!

How to Save Water in Summer

“A man’s love for water increases as it gets hotter.”

“It” in the above phrase refers to weather.

Here are some cool ways to save water in summer:

1. Double Glazed Windows

Double glazing of windows reflects most of the sunlight effectively, which leads to a massive reduction in the temperature of a closed space.

Double glazing on windows is not commonly done in India despite it being cheap and effective. Just glaze it to cool it!

2. Insulate

Properly insulated doors and windows prevent the hot air from getting inside the house.

Proper insulation also has a considerable impact, similar to double glazing.

Matted door ends and shutting doors & windows can cost-effectively achieve insulation.

3. Smart Usage of Water Cooler

We won’t ask you to throw away your water cooler like the crazy environmentalists.

Instead, we just suggest to use them on a need basis.

If a room has been sufficiently cooled, just turn off the water cooler for a while and switch it on again when you need to. As Indian fathers say, “Is your dad going to pay the electricity bill??”

4. Avoid Wandering Outdoors 

Basking around in the sun not only dehydrates you but also has detrimental effects on your skin.

Obviously, you should not hesitate to go out if it is necessary, but wandering for fun should be avoided. It increases your water consumption and body temperature, which eventually leads to the use of excessive water.

Water Conservation

People in the 1940s thought that people would use single-user compact vehicles instead of walking by the 21st century. They miserably failed to factor in that the cost of oil could shoot!

Similarly, if we do not understand the importance of conserving water today, soon, it will become an industrial commodity. 

Social causes aside, the wastage of water is literally a waste of your own hard-earned money. Even if we never run out of water, what makes you think you won’t ever run out of money???

We sincerely hope that our readers always have enough water and cash. We also hope that they effectively save both these commodities quintessential for human life.

Bhuwan Bhatia

Bhuwan Bhatia

Bhuwan Bhatia, an engineering graduate with a diverse background, has been passionate about entrepreneurship since age 13. Founder of edtech startup Technoshaala, Bhuwan now focuses on leading his innovative water management startup, FLOTAA, in Kanpur to create sustainable solutions.
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