FLOTAA-NUCLEO (Wireless Automatic level controller)



  • Automatic ON/OFF the pump

  • HIGH & LOW Voltage protection

  • HIGH Current & Dry run protection

  • Magnetic Float Sensors

  • LED Level Indication

  • Both for single & three phase

  • Signal transfer through RF frequency


This Flotaa device suits housing societies, hospitals, institutional buildings, schools, colleges, and government organizations like railway stations, airports, municipal corporations, jal board, various government colonies & factories with multiple tanks.

  • Each tank’s full/ low water level can be configured individually.
  • The high sound of the alert, a gong bell, ensures timely action through timely alerts.
  • Wireless System: Complete wireless transmission provides you the ease of less bulky, aesthetic, and maintenance-free installation.
  • It can display water levels up to a 30-meter depth.
  • In a digital display, displays the water level of multiple tanks in percentage. LCD display make it convenient to read the measurements from a distance.


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