Starter Panels for Submersible Dealers in Kanpur

by | Apr 25, 2023

Starter Panels for Submersible Dealers in Kanpur - FLOTAA

For submersible pumps, the right starter panel is essential for ensuring that they run smoothly and efficiently. Starter panels control the pump’s power supply and protect against overloads and short circuits. 

Several starter panels are available in the market today, each with unique features and benefits. In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the most popular starter panels for submersible pumps so you can make an informed decision when selecting one for your needs. 

Let’s have a look at various types of submersible pump starter panels.

Types of Submersible Starter Panels

1. Direct-On-Line (DOL) Starter Panel: This is the simplest type of starter panel commonly used for smaller submersible pumps. It consists of a switch, an overload relay, and a contactor. The contactor closes, and the pump starts when the switch is turned on.

2. Star-Delta Starter Panel: This type of starter panel is commonly used for larger submersible pumps. It consists of two contactors and a timer. When the switch is turned on, the motor is first connected in a star configuration, reducing the starting current, then switches to a delta configuration after a set time.

3. Soft Starter Panel: This type of starter panel uses electronic components to gradually ramp up the voltage to the motor, reducing the starting current and minimising the mechanical stress on the pump. Soft starters are commonly used for submersible pumps with high starting currents or those that are in frequent use.

4. Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Starter Panel: VFD starter panels are used for submersible pumps that require precise speed control. They use a frequency converter to vary the frequency and voltage of the motor, allowing the pump speed to be adjusted as needed.

5. Auto-Transformer Starter Panel: This type of starter panel uses an auto-transformer to reduce the voltage to the motor during starting, which reduces the starting current and minimises voltage drop in the supply line. Auto-transformer starters are commonly used for large submersible pumps.

So now, as you’re pretty aware of the starter panel types for submersible pumps, we have compiled the list of best Starter Panels for Submersible pump dealers in Kanpur; you all must have a look.

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1. Agarwal Traders

Location: 80/88- C, Latuche Road, Behind Hindu Anathalaya, Kanpur, Kanpur Nagar-208023, Uttar Pradesh, India

Contact: 08048954483

Prime Products & Services:

  • Submersible Cables
  • Submersible Starter Panels
  • Submersible Control Panel
  • Pipe Adapter
  • Submersible Pipe Holders
  • Power Capacitor

Agarwal Traders, founded in 2004, is a well-known Manufacturer, Wholesaler, and Dealer of water supply management devices and equipment. The core team of experienced engineers inspect everything to guarantee optimal excellence and a long lifespan. These goods, which are in the growing market in various sectors, are available in various forms, sizes, and combinations.

2. New Brightwell Engineers

Location: 96/12, Parade, Near Yateem Khana, Parade Kanpur, cycle market parade, Yateem khana chauraha, Kanpur-208001, Uttar Pradesh, India

Contact: 08046076235

Prime Products & Services:

  • Mini Monoblock Pump
  • Shallow Well Pumps
  • Submersible Starter Panels
  • Submersible Pumpsets
  • Electric Motors, Pump Starter
  • Centrifugal MonoBlock
  • Small MonoBlock Pump

New Brightwell Engineers, established in 2000, are one of the top wholesalers and Traders of submersible starter panels and other products. Their claim to success is distinguished by the high-quality items they provide, which have earned widespread recognition. They are developing a determined team of individuals to satisfy the most stringent client criteria and become tomorrow’s leaders.

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3. Vertex Techno Services

Location: 135, Sanjay Gandhi Nagar, Naubasta, Kanpur-208021, Uttar Pradesh, India

Contact: 08048372611

Prime Products & Services:

  • Submersible Pumps
  • Submersible Control Panels
  • Electric Angle Grinders
  • Submersible Starter Panels
  • Electric Drill Machines

Vertex Techno Services is a renowned manufacturer of submersible pumps in Kanpur. They focus on meeting clients’ aspirations by offering high-quality items that meet their needs. Furthermore, to maintain good customer relations, they adhere to moral business practices and absolute openness in their dealings.

4. Ali Electrics

Location: 79/120, Bansmandi, Kanpur-208001, Uttar Pradesh, India

Contact: 08043891898

Prime Products & Services:

  • Control Panels
  • Special Busbars 
  • Submersible Starter Panels
  • Electric Motors

They were founded in 2013 in Kanpur Nagar, Uttar Pradesh. “Ali Electrics” are a sole proprietorship-owned company that manufactures and trades primarily in water motors. They also offer Motor Rewinding, Control Panel Repair, and Motor Repairing services.

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Location: 109/37, NEHRU NAGAR, Kanpur-208012, Uttar Pradesh, India

Contact: 08047801090

Prime Products & Services:

  • Submersible Pump Control Panel
  • Digital Meter
  • Submersible Starter Panels
  • Regular MCB

VIGOROUS TECHNICS PRIVATE LTD, established in 2019, is a prominent manufacturer of Kanpur. They employ high-quality raw materials and a cutting-edge production and quality control system to create electrical and water supply equipment. Their extremely energy-efficient products result in minimal power consumption and outstanding performance.

Bottom Line

No matter which type of starter panel you choose for your submersible pump setup, ensure it meets all safety requirements set forth by local codes before installation begins! 

With proper research into different options available today, finding one that fits both budget constraints will be more accessible for the team of FLOTAA. We know the best dealers of water supply management devices better. So if you have any query related to water management devices, connect with us instantly and choose the best one for us!

Bhuwan Bhatia

Bhuwan Bhatia

Bhuwan Bhatia, an engineering graduate with a diverse background, has been passionate about entrepreneurship since age 13. Founder of edtech startup Technoshaala, Bhuwan now focuses on leading his innovative water management startup, FLOTAA, in Kanpur to create sustainable solutions.
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