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by | Dec 13, 2023

tata mineral water

Tata is the largest Indian conglomerate and has been a major player in the mineral water industry for decades. Tata Consumer Products was involved in long acquisition discussions with Bisleri, which ended abruptly due to valuation issues.

Tata Consumer Products has since decided to focus on its mineral water brands like Tata Copper+, Himalayan, and Tata Spring Alive. With products in the premium and regular segment, Tata looks all set to refresh India with its mineral water.

Let us have a detailed look at the various brands of mineral water offered by Tata:

 1. Tata Copper+

Tata Copper+ is relatively new to the Indian market, but its distribution network has expanded rapidly in the past few years. Tata Copper+ is designed to be consumed as part of your daily lifestyle.

Its advantage is not only the fact that the most prominent Indian conglomerate owns it but also its ingredients and taste.

Water stored in copper vessels is a centuries-old tradition from ancient knowledge practiced across India. Tata Copper+ has the amount of copper, which is equivalent to water stored in a copper vessel overnight.

Along with the goodness of copper, Tata Copper+ also has a distinct and refreshing taste. 

Tata Copper + has a suitable amount of Copper in it, which gives it a great and refreshing taste. Apart from the taste, copper water has enormous health benefits and has been prevalent in Indian culture for over 5,000 years.

Copper water plays a massive role in improving the health of your skin. It promotes the formation of melanin, the pigment that gives color to your skin, hair, and eyes. It also stops hair from graying; because of its cell-producing characteristics, copper aids skin regeneration.

This refreshing copper water is available in 2 L, 1 L, 500 ml & 250 ml bottles at the same price as other regular mineral water packages.

2. Himalayan

Himalayan, India’s inaugural brand of natural mineral water, derives its distinct advantages from its origin situated in the foothills of the Shivalik ranges within the Himalayas. 

Scientific research has confirmed that this water, primarily from glacial meltwater, initiates its course in the upper regions of the Himalayan mountains, gradually percolating through layers of Himalayan rocks over approximately 20 years.

Himalayan was introduced to the Indian market in 1997. It is the most popular premium water brand in India. Backed by the Tata Group, its supply chain and distribution knows no limits.

During this journey, the water accumulates a one-of-a-kind natural mineral composition, boasting a mildly alkaline pH closely resembling that of the human body. 

This water presented as Himalayan natural mineral water is a testament to nature’s exquisite craftsmanship—untouched and unaltered.

Himalayan mineral water brand name itself provides a pure and heavenly tune to the product. However, Himalayan has gained popularity for being among the top bottled water brands. Consequently, their water is like drops of purity packaged in plastic bottles.

Most premium lounges and movie halls in the country serve only Himalayan when it comes to water.

Himalayan is optimum for you to drink regularly, but its premium price makes it economically unviable for most people.

3. Tata Spring Alive

Tata Spring Alive is a natural mineral water brand from Tata Consumer Products. The water is said to be pure, unprocessed, and untouched, originating in the upper reaches of the mountains. Every drop of the water is said to have traveled through layers of rock and sand.

You can buy Tata Spring Alive from: 

  • Himalayan Water: Sells a pack of 30 500ml bottles for Rs.900.
  • Amar Water Agency: Offers Tata Spring Alive natural mineral water in New Delhi.
  • Mystore: Sells Tata Spring Alive water bottles.

Summing Up

Tata Consumer Products offers several mineral water brands, including: 

  • Himalayan: India’s first natural mineral water brand, with its source located at the foothills of the Shivalik ranges
  • Tata Copper+: Contains as much copper as water stored in a copper vessel overnight
  • Tata Spring Alive: Pure, unprocessed, and untouched

Tata Water Plus is a defunct offering of Tata Consumer Beverages, which the company intends to replace with Tata Copper+. 

Tata Copper+ is packed in recyclable bottles. It has a pH of 7.5 and is a non-carbonated water-based beverage. 

Himalayan water is safe for consumption and spends 20 years traveling through the mountain’s layers of sand, silt, and rocks before it rests in the aquifer and is bottled from there. The minerals in the water can help flush out toxins and waste products from the body.

Additionally, Tata Consumer Beverages offers energy drinks like Tata Gluco Plus, which are gaining popularity in the Indian heartland. 

Tata has also invested in manufacturing plants in strategic locations like the industrial city of Kanpur, which has given it a robust supply chain and network.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which mineral water is best?

Tata Copper + is the best mineral water available in the Indian market by a considerable margin.

Tata Copper + has a suitable amount of Copper in it, which gives it a great and refreshing taste.

What are the Tata mineral water brands?

Tata’s mineral water brands are Himalayan and Tata Copper +

Both these brands are quality-wise much better than their competitors in the market.

How is Tata Copper water?

Tata Copper water is extremely healthy and refreshing mineral water offered at the regular price point. 
Tata Copper + has a suitable amount of Copper in it, which gives it a great and refreshing taste.

What is the PH of Tata water?

Tata Copper+ has a pH of 7.5 and is a non-carbonated water-based beverage.

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Bhuwan Bhatia

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