Under Sink Water Purifiers: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best System for Your Home

by | Dec 5, 2023

Under Sink Water Purifiers

Water purifiers have become an inseparable part of our households, but doesn’t the extra space they occupy ever bother you? This is precisely where an under sink water purifier comes in.

Wall-mounted water purifiers are extremely common in India and can be seen in almost every house. Due to a lack of awareness, under the sink water purifiers are hard to find. Low sales figures translate to a slightly higher cost, which makes under the sink water purifiers even rare.

Under the sink water filters save counter space, have a higher flow rate, and reduce water spillage. If you can afford an RO purifier, you should opt for an under sink RO system.

Here’s a list of the best under sink water purifiers in the market:

Kent Sterling PlusCroma17,200/-
Aquaguard UTCCroma12,990/-
Purella OrthoAmazon6,999/-
Aquaguard RitzAmazon16,199/-
AO Smith Z2+Amazon19,999/-
Kent RO Excel PlusFlipkart17,400/-
Faber UTSAmazon15,499/-

What Are Under Sink Water Purifiers?

Under sink water purifiers are just typical water purifiers installed under the sink and supply water through the kitchen tap. They provide a convenient supply of filtered water for drinking and cooking. They do not need new plumbing or any significant civil work for installation.

The primary components of under-sink water purifiers include:

  1. Filter Cartridges
  2. Water Faucet
  3. Filter Housing
  4. Tubing and Connectors
  5. Pressure Regulator and Flow Control
  6. Storage Tank (for some systems)
  7. Sediment Filter (in some systems)
  8. Post-Filtration and Enhancements (in some systems)

Manufacturers provide all the components in the package; there is no need for anything like an under sink cabinet or an under sink organiser.

Let us now discuss the main advantages of installing an under the sink water purifier:

  • It is very convenient as it provides purified water directly from your kitchen tap. 
  • They do not require any extra plumbing and fit in as it is.
  • They provide a consistent water supply.
  • They considerably reduce water wastage as they reduce spillage.
  • They are compact and save precious space in your kitchen. 
  • Under sink water purifiers are customisable to address the following:
  1. Specific water quality issues
  2. Protecting appliances from scale and sediment
  3. Extending the lifespan of your appliances 
  • They add value to your home and provide peace of mind during emergencies, ensuring a consistent, clean water supply.

Types of Under Sink Water Purifiers

Different types of under sink water purifiers with different features and applications are:

1. Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems:

These are the features and functions of an RO Water purifier:

  • They Use a fine semi-permeable membrane to eliminate impurities.
  • Reduce the hardness of water.
  • Eliminate dangerous chemicals
  • They are ideal for a TDS of 200 ppm to 2000 ppm. 
  • RO systems typically include a storage tank for on-demand access to purified water.

2. Multi-Stage Systems:

The functions and features of multi-stage filters include:

  • Multi-stage filters use different filter media and stages to purify water.
  • Some stages in these systems are:
  1. Sediment pre-filtration
  2. Activated carbon filtration 
  3. Additional stages for specific contaminants like lead or fluoride
  • These systems can be customised to target specific water quality issues in your area.

3. Single-Stage Systems:

Single-stage filters are also called point-of-use filters. They are simpler systems with a single filter cartridge.

The functions and features of single-stage filters include:

  • They are often used for basic water treatment.
  • Some single-stage filters use activated carbon to remove chlorine, improve taste, and reduce odour. 
  • Some single-stage filters use filter media to target specific contaminants.
  • They are generally less complex and more pocket-friendly compared to multi-stage or RO systems.

You can choose the perfect type of water purifier based on your needs. If the water you receive at home has a very high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) of up to 2000, an RO purifier should be your choice. If the TDS is between 300-500, a multi-stage water purifier does the job, and for a TDS of below 300, you may opt for a single-stage water purifier.

In most places in urban India, we recommend installing only an RO water purifier as municipal water supply in treatment in India is not exactly of a premium standard.

Best Water Filter Brand

The first logical question that comes to the mind of a consumer is:

Which is the No. 1 water filter brand?

The No. 1 filter brand for you depends purely upon your needs and budget, but here is a list of the best water filter brands in India:

  1. Kent
  2. Aquaguard
  3. Purella
  4. AO Smith
  5. Faber
  6. Pureit
  7. Bluestar
  8. LG

Almost all these companies manufacture many different types of under the sink water purifiers. You can select the one that suits your needs without worrying about after-sales services. 

Objectively, Kent is the best brand when it comes to water purifiers of any sort.

How To Choose The Best Under Sink Water Purifier?

1. Type of Water:

Before choosing a water purifier, you must know what type of water you receive at home and how much to purify it. The TDS of water is crucial in selecting the correct water purifier.

Municipal WaterRivers, lakes, etc.1-200
Ground WaterTube Well or Borewell200-2000
Multiple SourceMixed SourcesVariable

After determining the type of water you receive, you must know the different types of water purifiers and their functions.

2. What are the three types of Water Purifiers? 

There are broadly three types of water purifiers. Their technology and application are suited to different types of water. Pricing of different water purifiers also varies based on the technology used.

Purifier TypeFunctionStarting Price(INR)

Gravity Water Purifier
Gravity-based water purifier,
consumes no electricity,suitable for low TDS water 


UV Water Purifier
Uses intense ultraviolet rays to kill bacteria and viruses,
suitable for low TDS water,
does not remove dissolved impurities


RO Water Purifier
Uses a fine semi-permeable membrane to eliminate impurities,
reduces the hardness of water,
eliminates dangerous chemicals,
Ideal for a TDS of 200 ppm to 2000 ppm


Depending on the type of water, you can easily chalk out the water purifier perfect for your home.

3. How do I know which Water Purifier is best?

The best Water Purifier for you largely depends on the TDS of the water you receive at your home. 

TDS or Total Dissolved Solids is the total dissolved substances concentration in water. TDS comprises inorganic salts and some amount of organic matter.

  • What is the best TDS for a Water Purifier?

Between 50 and 150 ppm

The ideal Water TDS level is between 50 and 150 ppm (less than 300 ppm). A high   TDS level is not suitable for health. High TDS levels can have technical impacts and an imbalance in the taste and odour of drinking water.

You can select the best water purifier for you based on the TDS values given below:

TDS Value (in PPM)Type of Water Purifier Needed
50-200 Gravity, UV
>1000RO & UV

4. Water Purifier’s Storage Tank Capacity:

Many places may not have a constant electricity supply for the water purifier to function in real-time. A storage tank with an appropriate capacity must address this issue.

Most water purifiers come with an in-built storage tank of different capacities. Pick the storage tank with a capacity that suits your household.

Number of PeopleStorage Tank Capacity
25 litres
48 litres
8>10 litres

Now that you know what type of water purifier is the best for you, let us move on to some general doubts that most people have.

5. What Is The Best Under The Sink Water Purifier For Your Sink?

Determining the “best” under-sink water purifier for your sink depends on various factors like:

  1. Space under the sink
  2. Plumbing
  3. Electricity availability
  4. Hygiene
  5. Storage requirements

6. Are Under Sink Water Filters Better?

Under sink water filters are better than wall-mounted water filters. Under the sink water filters save counter space, have a higher flow rate, and reduce water spillage. If you can afford an RO purifier, you should opt for an under sink RO system.

7. What Is The Best Under-Sink Water Filter For Heavy Metals?

Kent Sterling Plus is our recommended under the sink water filter for your home. It is the best under the sink water filter for filtering any substance from water, especially heavy metals.

Under Sink Water Purifier Prices And Installation


Under the sink water purifiers are slightly more expensive than wall-mounted purifiers. The price range of under the sink water purifiers starts from 6,000 rupees and goes up to 25,000 rupees for the most premium models.

As a rule of thumb, you can select the correct wall-mounted water purifier for you and add a couple of thousand rupees to its price to get the price of its under the sink variant.


Installing under the sink water filters usually takes a couple of hours. All the reputed under the sink water filter manufacturers provide a free-of-cost installation service as a part of their package, so you don’t need to worry.

You must only ensure enough space under the sink to fit your selected purifier sufficiently.

Enhancing Your Under Sink Space

All under the sink water purifiers are designed to fit in the minimum possible space, but you can indeed implement some crafts to maximise your under sink space and use it for other purposes.

You can use various under-sink cabinets and organisers available to utilise your under-sink space effectively. These utilities let you utilise space and ensure that your under the sink water filter functions smoothly even if the rest of the space is regularly used.

Here are some steps you should take to choose the right under sink cabinet or organiser for your home:

  1. Measure the Space
  2. Consider the Plumbing and Filtration System
  3. Materials and Durability
  4. Look for Shelving and Adjustable Options
  5. Look for Doors and Access
  6. Pull-Out Trays or Drawers
  7. Over-the-Door Organizers
  8. Consider Usage for Waste Disposal and Recycling
  9. Cable Management
  10. Consider Aesthetics
  11. Maintenance and Cleaning

Summing Up

Under sink water filters are better than wall-mounted water filters as they

  1. Save Counter Space
  2. Have A Higher Flow Rate
  3. Reduce Water Spillage. 

If you can afford an RO purifier, you should opt for an under sink RO system.

Under the sink, the water purifier is costlier than its wall-mounted counterpart, at most a couple thousand rupees.

We went under the sink to give you a compelling analysis of under-sink water purifiers. Now, it’s time to consider various factors and chalk out the best water purifier your home deserves.

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