Water Fountain for Home Garden

by | Jan 19, 2024

Water Fountain for Home Garden

Running water symbolises prosperity in almost all cultures across the globe. Water fountains present a magnificent way to decorate your home or office and fill the surroundings with good vibes. 

These days, there are unlimited options available when talking about water fountains. Everything is easily available and reasonably priced, from a small birdbath in your garden to a humongous tiered fountain in a resort. You can purchase a readymade fountain from the market or even DIY.

This article will discuss various types of water fountains and help you decide the best fit for your home garden.

Types of Water Fountains for Home Gardens

There are multiple water fountains to choose from. Your choice must depend on the space available, the surroundings and most importantly, the pricing.

Let us now look at various types of water fountains that can increase the honour of your home garden:

1. Fiberglass Fountains

Stonewater fountains are very heavy. If placing or moving your water fountain will end up in a self-inflicted wound, how about trying some fibreglass instead? The fibreglass is then overlaid with a skeleton inside and painted like stone. Only those who reach out specifically can feel the difference because their physicality allows them to enjoy it.

Fiberglass Fountains are surprisingly strong for their lightness and won’t break easily. But if your landscape is very open in design and frequently subject to the wind, it might be best not to use fibreglass alone. 

Here are some of the best available fibreglass fountains we picked for you:

Manufacturer/SellerPriceBuy Now
The Classic ArtINR 2,50,000IndiaMart
Big BulkINR 27,491Amazon
ExpleasiaINR 13,999PepperFry

2. Wall Fountains

A fountain designed to be incorporated into a wall is called a fountain. These fountains are suitable for courtyards, mega mansions, or small patios. These fountains can be tailored to fit your wall, are space-saving, and have many styles. 

A wall fountain needs internal tubing, a spout, a pump, and a water basin. This kind of fountain is available in free-standing or mounted forms. Wall fountains are easy to install and can be used inside or outside. If space is at a premium, these fountains are essential.

Here are some of the best available wall fountains we picked for you:

Manufacturer/SellerPriceBuy Now
Mega FountainsINR 1,25,500IndiaMart
Huma FountainsINR 20,999Amazon
RipplesINR 27,749PepperFry

3. Tiered Fountains

With their several levels, tiered fountains exude timeless elegance. Water calmly drips down from one level to the next. It is a very common type of garden fountain in the Mediterranean, where they can often be seen in courtyards and plazas. 

A tiered fountain may be built in plain form or intricate with elaborate carvings, moulding, and other decorations. It is pumped up the inside of the core to rest on top; then, it falls over each tier to end back in the reservoir at the bottom, from which it is recirculated.

Here are some of the best available tiered fountains we picked for you:

Manufacturer/SellerPriceBuy Now
Jaffri Creations Fountain Decor Private LimitedINR 33,000IndiaMart
AISITININR 6,159Amazon
David HarbercustomPepperFry

4. Stone Fountains

With natural beauty and endurance, stone fountains lend gardens an eternal elegance. Most of these outdoor fountain ideas have cast stones aged by processes much prehistoric and virginal than the most fabulous faded jeans process.

Water slides down over the surface of a stone to an underground reservoir. Under layer upon layer of stones lies a pump (or pondless fountain). Water running over smooth surfaces sounds like a garden hose, while something textured interrupts the flow to make it more like drips and spatters.

Here are some of the best available stone fountains we picked for you:

Manufacturer/SellerPriceBuy Now
Elegant Natural StonesINR 2,00,000IndiaMart
Shri Balaji EnterprisesINR 51,000IndiaMart
Aaron Marble & Stone ArtINR 25,000IndiaMart

5. Waterfalls

Waterfalls are those places where the water runs over an edge and flows into another body of water or onto dry ground. Waterfalls give a sense of peace and create a quiet environment in gardens. 

Waterfall features are available in various sizes and styles, adapting to natural or artificial environments. Combined, they have the effect of a dynamic element- water flowing over rocks or ledges- which lends them a charming quality.

Here are some of the best available waterfalls we picked for you:

Manufacturer/SellerPriceBuy Now
Wave FountainsINR 1,20,000IndiaMart
Aroona ImpexINR 70,000Amazon
RipplesINR 29,399PepperFry

6. Cascading Fountains

Cascading fountains have water flowing from one level to the next. A cascading water fountain is an excellent choice if you enjoy fountains for their peace and elegance. They are also designed so water flows smoothly to the lower level. Most cascading fountains are divisible into three separate tiers. 

These fountains are renowned for their ability to help one unwind.

Here are some of the best available cascading fountains we picked for you:

Manufacturer/SellerPriceBuy Now
Oasis FountainsINR 17,000IndiaMart
Feng Shui Import/Jeco IncINR 36,397Amazon
ExpleasiaINR 9,999PepperFry

7. Brown Bamboo Water Fountain 

A type of water feature, brown bamboo water fountains are often combined with other aspects from the natural world (including spouts or even entire beakers made out of it) to give a clue of tranquillity. They work well indoors and outdoors; the water flow is tranquil and soothing. 

The brown hue generally represents the natural appearance of bamboo. Among the most popular designs are tabletop fountains, spouts and complete sets. Brown bamboo water fountains are much in demand because they add a touch of grace and quietness, whether inside or out.

Here are some of the best available brown bamboo water fountains we picked for you:

Manufacturer/SellerPriceBuy Now
InsightX InternetINR 2,500IndiaMart
Bamboo AccentsINR 10,642Amazon
Arizona Sales CorpINR 1,749Flipkart

Benefits Of Having A Water Fountain In A Home Garden

Apart from their aesthetic appeal, a water fountain in your garden has many benefits. Let us discuss the importance of a water fountain in your dream home in detail:

1. Relaxation

For many, the sound of flowing water is soothing. Scientists have found that it has a physical effect on our bodies. It calms and quietens our mind & body.

An outdoor water fountain in your garden is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to eliminate stress. You could complement it with other outdoor installations like a Zen garden.

2. Negation Of Noise Pollution

Noise from traffic and other air pollution harms your state of mind. It is also a distraction to concentration. Installing outdoor water fountains in your garden does away with unwelcome sounds, returning peace of mind and concentration.

3. Enhanced Greenery

A water fountain turns attractive gardens into gorgeous ones. It immensely adds to the home’s beauty and increases its resale value. Increase the aesthetic appeal of an outdoor fountain by including some fish in the bottom tier.

Growing flowers adds to the aesthetic appeal of a water fountain outside. Nevertheless, you have to pick your flowers carefully. You don’t want plants that spread pollen by the truckload–otherwise, algae will proliferate.

However, too few plants, and you may have trouble hiding the pump and motor. A professional who knows how to install water features will also suggest which greens would be a good match for the outdoor environment you have created.

4. Flora & Fauna

Water fountains make you happy and attract wildlife like birds, butterflies, and dragonflies. Think about a harmless cover over the net so that animals drinking from the water fountain will not accidentally fall in and drown. 

Why not treat your garden with a comfortable chair, an iced drink, and some gorgeous entertainment as birds play about in the water you’ve provided?

5. Cooling 

Sources of cool water can make you feel more refreshed. A fountain near the patio or outdoor entertainment area is excellent for summer.

6. Personalisation

With many styles and sizes, you can have an outdoor water fountain that reflects your personality in look and function. Landscape installations can provide precisely the look that helps you unwind.

7. Traditional Impact

Running water symbolises good luck and prosperity in the multi millennia-old Indian traditions and culture. A water fountain indicates our civilisation’s victory over the invasions of time and teaches our tradition to future generations.


Aesthetics and beauty are inherent in our ancient tradition, visible in the centuries-old temples and forts our ancestors built. Water fountains provide aesthetic magnificence with multiple other benefits that make them a must-have in your house of dreams.

Building a house is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most people, and we must do it in the best way possible. This gives you a high face value and motivates younger generations to achieve the impossible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it good to have a water fountain at home?

Having a water fountain at home enhances the aesthetic appeal of the surroundings. They also relax the mind and add a traditional value to the household.

2. Which type of water fountain is good for home?

There are various great water fountains for home, such as

1. Fibreglass Fountains
2. Wall Fountains
3. Tiered Fountains
4. Stone Fountains
5. Waterfalls
6 Cascading Fountains
7. Brown Bamboo Water Fountains

3. Where should I put my water fountain at home?

The best place to put your home water fountain is your garden or a balcony. Open spaces complement the value created by water fountains.

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